Noah Baumbach is a filmmaker that is always on our radar. Whatever new feature he has in the works is a film that we’re going to be eagerly anticipating. And after “Marriage Story” debuted on Netflix, with viral memes that followed, now the general public is well aware of just how great Baumbach is as a filmmaker. So, what does he have coming next, which could arguably be his biggest feature to date? Well, apparently, Baumbach is doing something he’s never done before—adapting someone else’s work.

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According to the latest Production Weekly issue (via Twitter), it appears that Baumbach is set to begin production on his latest film, “White Noise.” And yes, if you haven’t realized already, “White Noise” is an adaptation of the classic Don DeLillo novel of the same name. Perhaps best of all, the film is set to star Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig.

For those that haven’t read “White Noise,” the film follows the story of a Hitler studies professor at a university (Driver) that has a loving wife (Gerwig) and four children. He and his wife are constantly worried about death, which takes a scary turn when an “airborne toxic event” occurs, causing a black noxious cloud to go over where the professor lives.

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Obviously, Driver and Baumbach teamed up with the filmmaker’s previous film, “Marriage Story.” And as much as Scarlett Johansson did an amazing job in that film, Driver became the runaway star with his incredible performance. So, him teaming with Baumbach again is great news. And Gerwig and Baumbach are also not strangers to teaming up, both in films and real life, as they are both longtime partners.

A release date is unclear, but with production expected to begin in June, it’s likely that “White Noise” is a 2022 feature, at this point. That is unless Baumbach can quickly turn it around before awards season begins at the end of this year. But honestly, that seems unlikely.