It almost goes without saying that Jordan Peele’sGet Out” is a once-in-a-generation film. The horror film came out of nowhere in 2017 and quickly became one of the most profitable horror films of all time and an eventual Oscar winner. And while the performances and story are commendable, it’s the cultural impact that “Get Out” had that made the film such a special movie. So, what film might become the next “Get Out?” Could it possibly be one of the most controversial films of the last year, “The Hunt?” One person thinks it might be.

Speaking to Fandom, Blumhouse boss Jason Blum, who produced Jordan Peele’s horror film, isn’t sure what the next “Get Out” is going to be. But he does think that there’s one Blumhouse film on the schedule that could have a similar cultural impact.

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“I don’t know where’s the next ‘Get Out’ or what’s going to happen next,” said Blum. “After ‘The Invisible Man’ we have ‘The Hunt,’ and I think ‘The Hunt’ is gonna really reverberate culturally, and I’m very excited about that. That came out of nowhere too, so I don’t know where the next one comes from, but I’m always on the lookout.”

Obviously, Blum isn’t foolish enough to actually say that “The Hunt” will be the next “Get Out,” however, it’s clear the producer feels like the controversial film might be able to strike a cultural chord much the same way that Jordan Peele’s debut was able to do. That’s a tall order, of course, considering “Get Out” not only was a massive financial success (earning more than $255 million globally) and a critical darling, with Peele winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

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So far, the word surrounding “The Hunt” has been mixed, to put it lightly. The film is a new take on the famous story “The Most Dangerous Game” and finds a group of lower-income folks being hunted by an elite group of socialites.

After the controversy that erupted last year, which forced Universal and Blumhouse to pull the film from the release schedule, many people already have made up their minds about the thriller. On one side, you have folks like President Trump who says the film is Leftist and showcases how the elite murder “deplorables.” Others say that “The Hunt” is more Right-leaning, showing how the Left are the bad guys and those on the Right should just pick up a gun and fight back. Obviously, as with most political arguments, the truth is probably more nuanced, but no one has seen the film yet to make that determination.

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That makes the idea that “The Hunt” could be a culturally important film like “Get Out” a bit of wishful thinking on Blum’s part. Then again, as the producer said, there’s no way of predicting these sorts of things.

“The Hunt” hits theaters on March 13.