Danny Boyle Might Direct Both 'Bond 25' & A Musical This Year

It looks like Danny Boyle is going to be a very busy man in 2018.

After rumors of Boyle being on the shortlist for the next James Bond film, it looked like the director was going to take a pass on the franchise in favor of a new comedy/musical film apparently titled, “All You Need is Love.” There’s no way he could do both, right? Apparently, when we weren’t looking, Boyle became Superman and will, in fact, attempt to do both. Maybe.

According to a tweet from Daily Mail writer, Baz Bamigboye, Danny Boyle is still the front-runner for “Bond 25.” This is all contingent on a couple things, albeit a couple major things. First, the screenplay by writer John Hodge has to be approved. Then the Bond brain trust of Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson, and Bond himself, Daniel Craig have to be willing to push production to later this year. Bamigboye says that they are “willing” to do so.

Why later this year? Well, news recently broke that Boyle was looking at a comedy/musical as his next directorial effort. While, at the time, this news was seen as something that could be done next year, after Bond, it looks like Boyle wants this film to be first, and he’s found his leading lady. According to Variety, actress Lily James is in talks to be the lead for the film, “All You Need is Love,” directed by Boyle.

This news shows that Boyle is moving full-steam ahead on that film, and is willing to push “Bond 25” on the back-burner, for now. Does this mean that Boyle is perhaps going to shoot these two films back-to-back? That seems a bit far-fetched. Admittedly, we don’t know just how much pre-production has been done on “All You Need is Love,” but it looks like they’re starting from scratch on “Bond 25.” Normally, blockbusters like that require months of pre-production, just to get cameras rolling.

As mentioned above, there’s also the idea that Boyle is indeed a superhero, and could do this faster than any other director in cinema history. Either way, it seems as if we will be getting two completely different Boyle films in a relatively short amount of time, and that’s never a bad thing.