When you list the names of filmmakers that are the least likely to tackle a superhero film, it wouldn’t take long before you mention David Robert Mitchell. The filmmaker behind “It Follows” and “Under the Silver Lake” has never shied away from genre elements in his features previously, but the likelihood that he’d actually take on a superhero film seemed incredibly small. But things change, and now we have a David Robert Mitchell superhero film on the horizon, titled “Heroes & Villains.”

According to THR, MGM has teamed with Mitchell to release the filmmaker’s upcoming project, “Heroes & Villains,” which is described as a new take on the superhero story. The plot of the film is being kept under wraps, but the report claims that the filmmaker has been hard at work on the script for his tights and capes film and plans on begin casting shortly.

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As mentioned, Mitchell is probably best known for his work on the indie films “It Follows” and “Under the Silver Lake.” The former was an unlikely horror hit when it was released back in 2014. His most recent feature, ‘Silver Lake,’ was highly-anticipated when it debuted at Cannes back in 2018. However, the film wasn’t very well-received initially, leading to extensive post-production that delayed the release before it eventually debuted on VOD. That being said, even though it didn’t have the popularity of “It Follows,” ‘Silver Lake’ resonated with certain film fans and has become a bit of a cult hit.

Now, the indie filmmaker takes on superheroes, though, as mentioned, it’s likely not in the same way that Marvel Studios does. What will his take on superheroes be? Will it be more adult and share a similar tone to his previous films? We’ll just have to wait and see.