First Look: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt In 'Passengers'

This December, a movie will arrive taking you on an adventure to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, and no, we’re not talking about “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” There will be another sci-fi film hoping to get your heart racing, albeit in a different way, with “Passengers,” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

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Directed by “Headhunters” and “The Imitation Game” helmer Morten Tyldum and penned by Jon Spaihts (“Prometheus,” “Doctor Strange“), the film tells the story of a passenger on a spaceship making a centuries-long journey to another planet who is woken up accidentally, and irreversibly, by a computer glitch. Faced with the prospect of living the rest of his life, and dying, alone on the ship, he decides to wake up a beautiful fellow colleague. Where it goes from there, you definitely won’t want any spoilers, but the director is promising an epic ride.

“You will laugh and cry and hold your breath and be at the edge of your seat. It has chills. It also will make you smile and laugh a lot,” Tyldum told EW. “We wanted a playful movie. And if you have Chris and Jen it’s impossible not to have — they’ve come up with a lot of stuff on set. They’re both extremely funny. They’d try this and that and come up with really funny stuff. They can go very dramatic but their great chemistry — they’re just so good. It is just fun to be around them and fun to be on this journey. In this day of sequels and reboots I think it’s refreshing that it is a completely original story with two of the best movie stars in the world. I’m very, very happy with the movie.”

“Passengers” opens on December 21st.

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