Venom” is the upcoming SonySpider-Man” spin-off film featuring a 9-foot-tall black, gooey monster that bites the heads off of enemies, complete with ridiculous ‘80s action movie dialogue (I’ll never get tired of sharing the infamous “turd in the wind” clip). So, get ready for the exciting first clip from the superhero film which features the titular character…errr…interviewing another character about pharmaceutical dangers? Ugh.

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Look, when you cast Tom Hardy in your film, you want to make sure that people see the actor’s smoldering good looks as much as possible in the marketing materials. But when you are only a couple weeks from the “Venom” release, the first clip you release from the film should probably include, you know, Venom.

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But no. In Sony’s infinite wisdom, they feel that the best way to sell the film at this point is to show Riz Ahmed, playing his shady bad guy character Drake, being interviewed by Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, who is definitely doing something here. They talk about space exploration curing all of Earth’s problems (I know this links back to Venom’s original comic book origins, but huh?) and then Brock not-so-eloquently transitions into talking about dead lab patients, which leads to the interview being shut down. It’s edge of your seat excitement from beginning to end. “Spotlight,” eat your heart out!

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Honestly, for as harsh as I’ve been on this film, there’s no denying that talented people are working hard to bring one of Marvel’s most famous characters to the big screen. The aforementioned Hardy and Ahmed are two of the best actors around, and they’re starring opposite four-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams. I mean, something had to draw this much talent to the film, right? Or is it really a case of some A-list talent needing a quick, but hefty, payday? Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

“Venom” hits theaters on October 5.

Here’s the clip and a new, rather busy, poster: