Teen coming of age movies are nothing new. Often, these films revolve around said teen accepting and embracing their sexuality. You have your typical “mission to lose virginity” and “journey to accepting your sexuality” films. But “Giant Little Ones” offers a slightly different take on the genre by following a teen boy exploring the full spectrum of human sexuality.
The movie follows best friends Franky (Josh Wiggins, “Max”) and Ballas (Darren Mann, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”) as they navigate high school together until an incident threatens to ruin their friendship. Between someone calling the two teens boyfriends and Maria Bello‘s voice-over informing her son that it’s normal for teens to experiment, we can safely assume that some drama that is confusing to the boys gets in the way of Frank and Ballas’ friendship.
The idea of fluid sexuality isn’t often covered in teen movies. But writer/director Keith Behrman (“Flower & Garnet”) tackles the idea from a place that shows how scary and confusing the idea is for two teen boys. This brought the film generally positive reviews when it opened at TIFF in 2018.
Kyle MacLachlan also joins the cast of “Giant Little Ones.” Take a look at the official synopsis for the film below:
Franky Winter (Josh Wiggins) and Ballas Kohl (Darren Mann) have been best friends since childhood. They are high school royalty: handsome, stars of the swim team and popular with girls. They live a perfect teenage life – until the night of Franky’s epic 17th birthday party, when Franky and Ballas are involved in an unexpected incident that changes their lives forever. Giant Little Ones is a heartfelt and intimate coming-of-age story about friendship, self-discovery, and the power of love without labels.
“Giant Little Ones” will be available for digital download on February 3, and on DVD February 10. Take a look at the trailer.