What would you get if you took the unbelievable party antics of “Project X,” the comedic suburban-residential dynamics of the Zac Efron, Seth Rogan-led “Neighbors,” the severely raunchy sensibilities of “American Pie,” and you added, say, Pauly Shore for good measure? The result would probably closely resemble Lionsgate’s latest comedic effort, “Guest House.” Check out the official red-band trailer below, but be forewarned: it’s definitely NSFW.

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“Guest House” centers around newly engaged couple Sarah (Aimee Teegarden) and Blake (Mike Castle) as they look to settle into a new home and start their life together. They quickly find the perfect place, only there’s a major hang-up: the tenant in the property’s guest house is a ballistic man-child, deeply involved in drinking, drugs, partying, and all other forms of debauchery. Of course, this role is played by – you guessed it! – Pauly Shore, of “Son in Law” and “Encino Man” fame.

Alongside Teegarden, Castle, and Shore, the film also co-stars Charlotte McKinney, Erik Giffin, Felipe Esparza, Bobby Lee, and Steve-O, who plays one of Blake’s blithe work colleagues.

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Here’s the official synopsis:

Pauly Shore and Steve-O kick this outrageous, raunchy comedy into high gear. When engaged couple Sarah (Aimee Teegarden) and Blake (Mike Castle) buy their dream home, there’s a catch: a party animal named Randy (Shore) in the guest house who refuses to leave! When Randy throws a wild, sexy pool party, the cops show up — and Blake gets arrested. Can he and Sarah get through their backyard wedding without a certain loser crashing the party…and ruining their marriage?

“Guest House” is directed by Sam Macaroni in his feature directorial debut. The script was co-written by Sean Bishop and Troy Duffy (“The Boondock Saints”). Produced by Scott Clayton, Tara L. Craig, and Macaroni himself, “Guest House” will hit VOD on September 4.