Parents will go to great lengths to protect their kids. That is especially the case when their child finds themselves in a dangerous spot, no matter how old they might be. And that’s exactly what happens to the father and son in the new film, “Hammer.”

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As seen in the trailer, “Hammer” tells the story of a young guy that is put in a terrible position after a deal goes awry between him, a young woman, and a local criminal. Fleeing for his life, he finds himself turning to the only person willing to help him at any cost—his father. With his family’s life in jeopardy, the young guy and his dad have to figure out how to fix everything, dealing with a murderous criminal that is willing to get blood on his hands to get the money he’s owed. As you might expect, this isn’t a comedy.

The film stars Will Patton, Mark O’Brien, and Ben Cotton. Patton is a character actor probably best known for his roles in films such as “Remember the Titans” and “Armageddon.” O’Brien is one of the more underrated actors working today, with great performances in the TV series “Halt & Catch Fire,” as well as films such as “Marriage Story” and “Ready or Not.” Christian Sparkes wrote and directed “Hammer.” The filmmaker previously helmed the 2014 film, “Cast No Shadow.”

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“Hammer” arrives on VOD on June 5.

Here’s the synopsis:

A father faces a personal crisis when he discovers his estranged son fleeing a botched drug deal. The two men embark on a violent odyssey that grapples with themes of fatherhood, family and fate.