Realistically, one of two things can happen when you’re presented with a key that unlocks a secret lair on your family’s land after the death of your father. Either your dad was secretly Batman and he’s passing on his legacy to you, or he’s probably hiding a mysterious man down there that has been captive for a long time and holds the secrets to your whole family’s history. In “Inheritance,” it’s option two.

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As seen in the new trailer for “Inheritance,” a young lawyer is presented with a key that unlocks a hidden door after the death of her father. Without warning, she is presented with an underground bunker that serves as the prison for a mysterious man that says he knows the truth that will shake your entire understanding of your father and family. But is he lying? Or was your dad up to some really bad shit?

The cast includes Lily Collins, Simon Pegg, Connie Nielsen, Chace Crawford, Patrick Warburton, and Michael Beach. “Inheritance” is directed by Vaughn Stein. Previously, he collaborated with Pegg on the film, “Terminal,” which also starred Margot Robbie.

“Inheritance” will be available on DirecTV on April 23rd and will be released In Theaters, On Digital and On Demand by Vertical Entertainment on May 22nd.

Here’s the synopsis:

Lauren Monroe (Lily Collins) is a rising young district attorney who has dedicated her life to being a public servant despite the expectations of her wealthy and powerful New York family. When her mogul father suddenly dies, he leaves her a flash drive and set of keys that lead to a shocking secret hidden beneath her family’s estate. Torn between protecting her father’s sinister past and exposing the truth in the name of justice, Lauren finds herself in an endless web of lies and deceit, uncovering secrets from her father’s life that threaten to destroy the very fabric of her influential family.