When Terry George embarked on the filming of his Armenian genocide drama “The Promise” starring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, following nearby with his own crew was director Joe Berlinger.

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Known for his documentaries such as the “Paradise Lost” trilogy and “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster,” the filmmaker used the production of “The Promise” to make “Intent To Destroy,” his own cinematic exploration of the tangled web of responsibility that has driven a century of denial by the Turkish government and its strategic allies. The timely film sees Berlinger shed light on the Armenian Genocide, detail how it was carried out during World War I as the reign of the Ottoman empire drew to a close, and how it laid the groundwork for the genocides that followed. And in this powerful exclusive clip, a survivor recalls what she witnessed during a death march, and we see how Terry George translated that experience for the big screen.

“Intent To Destroy” opens on November 10th.