The Immortal Iron Fist is dead! Long live the Immortal Iron Fist!

Over the weekend, it was reported that the Netflix/Marvel series “Iron Fist” was canceled after two (not-so-great) seasons. While the news was hardly shocking, “Iron Fist” marks the first Marvel series to see the ax over at Netflix, since the partnership was struck years ago. But, according to multiple reports, even though “Iron Fist” is dead, the character most definitely will live on.

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After the sad news broke, “Iron Fist” star Finn Jones shared a post on Instagram saying “With every end is a new beginning.” Of course, many took that to mean the actor would move on to other new projects. But perhaps he was still talking about his kung-fu superhero? EW reports that even though the series bearing his name is over, Iron Fist will continue to show up in the Marvel Universe. What that means is still up in the air, but there’s a strong likelihood we have yet to see the end of Danny Rand.

Compounding this mysterious news is the report from Deadline saying that cancelation can open doors to the superhero appearing on the yet-to-be-launched Disney streaming service, where Kevin Feige is spearheading his own line of Marvel shows. Perhaps, Marvel Studios is just slowly but surely collecting all its toys to keep in its own toybox?

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Deadline also reports that any talk of the Marvel/Netflix partnership being on the rocks is premature. Plans are already in place for a fourth season of “Daredevil,” as the third season premieres this week, and “The Punisher” season 2 is already in the can and expected to be the next series to hit the streaming service. However, the fates of “Luke Cage,” “Jessica Jones,” and “The Defenders” seems to be very much up in the air.

If we put on our speculation hats for a second, there’s a lot that Marvel/Netflix can still do to revive their projects. New franchises could easily spin-off using characters introduced in the universe already. Fans have been asking for a Colleen Wing (character from “Iron Fist”) and Misty Knight (character in “Luke Cage”) to team up, as in the comics, and form the “Daughters of the Dragon.” There’s also the opportunity for Iron Fist and Luke Cage to team up for a “Heroes for Hire” spin-off. “Jessica Jones” has the most credibility and chance to continue for a third season, as fans seem to have really responded to Krysten Ritter’s character. However, a lukewarm reception for season 2 has put that in jeopardy.

Either way, changes are afoot in the world of Marvel/Netflix. And yet again, it looks like “Iron Fist” seems to be the catalyst for change. Maybe Danny Rand is immortal, after all?