It would probably not be fair to call Jay Sebring “forgotten.” After all, the ‘60s Hollywood stylist was so popular that he served as an inspiration for “Shampoo,” the 1975 satire directed by Hal Ashby and starring Warren Beatty. But in the grander context of the Charles Manson murders – where so many individuals have adopted a larger-than-life persona over the decades – Sebring’s legacy does feel somewhat muted in comparison.

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So who better than to set the record straight about Sebring, Sharon Tate, and the Manson murders than Sebring’s nephew, Anthony DiMaria? In “Jay Sebring… Cutting to the Truth,” the director-slash-producer looks to offer deep dive into the life of Sebring, reminding audiences of his impact as a Hollywood stylist and the high-profile relationships he maintained that ultimately caused him to be put in harm’s way. To help tell the story, DiMaria has assembled an impressive list of Sebring’s contemporaries – Dennis Hopper, Nancy Sinatra, and Quincy Jones are among the people interviewed for the documentary – as well as law enforcement officers involved in the investigation.

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And for those curious to see how Quentin Tarantino adapted Jay Sebring’s complicated life story for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” his own dramatization of the Manson “murders,” ‘Jay Sebring’ includes Tarantino himself for a conversation about Sebring’s impact in Hollywood. For those who have already read several of the books about the events of 1969 and/or burned through Karina Longworth’s “Charles Manson’s Hollywood” series, this promises to be a powerful documentary that gives a platform to another Manson victim.

“Jay Sebring… Cutting to the Truth” will be available on VOD on September 22, 2020.