Over his past couple of features, “Stuber” and “Coffee & Kareem,” Michael Dowse has established himself as a director that loves to play with the combination of over-the-top violence and raunchy humor. And if there was ever a video game franchise that Dowse could apply that style to with a film adaptation, it would be “Just Cause.”

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And according to Deadline, Dowse is going to do just that, as it’s been announced that the filmmaker will tackle a big-screen adaptation of the popular video game franchise, “Just Cause.” The film will follow a similar story as the games, with the hero Rico Rodriguez on a mission to stop the mercenary group, The Black Hand. But that short description doesn’t really fully capture the ridiculous aspect of the franchise. “Just Cause” has become an incredibly popular series of video games because of its presentation of over-the-top violence and slightly absurd storylines. Basically, exactly what Dowse loves to get his hands on.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that “Stuber” and “Coffee & Kareem” aren’t the most beloved comedies of the past few years. In fact, Dowse hasn’t really received much critical love for a feature since his 2011 cult film, “Goon.” Since then, he’s done a number of films and TV series, each with varying levels of acclaim.

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That being said, if there’s one major reason to be excited about “Just Cause,” it’s the involvement of writer Derek Kolstad. The screenwriter has some serious action bonafides, including his work on the three “John Wick” films, as well as the upcoming Marvel Studios series, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” So, we’ll have to see if his expertise in quality action films will help in “Just Cause.”

There’s no release date set for “Just Cause.” You can get a taste of what the franchise is all about in the trailer below: