Liam Neeson Reteams With Neil Jordan For 'The Trainer'

It seems that Liam Neeson has gotten his need to flex his action chops onscreen out of his system. This fall, the actor will sprint into the awards season with two movies, the hugely moving “A Monster Calls” and Martin Scorsese‘s breathlessly anticipated “Silence.” And while the actor will once again get back to punching people next spring in “The Commuter,” he’ll also collaborate with an old pal on an entirely different project.

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Neeson is set to reunite with “Michael Collins” director Neil Jordan for “The Trainer.” Penned by David Donohue, James Villemaire and Todd Komarnicki, the movie will follow an Irish horse trainer who goes on a violent rampage against those who have wronged him. Actually, scratch that last part— he takes in a teenage refugee, and the two bond over a horse called Allabelle.

Between this film and Andrew Haigh‘s “Lean On Pete,” it looks like those who enjoy horse dramas have much to look forward too. “The Trainer” will go into production next summer. [Deadline]