The history of “The Matrix” and its sequels is a worthy story to tell all on its own. For years, film fans have dissected the plot and filmmaking that went into the Wachowskis’ films and have developed all sorts of theories and ideas about what the hidden meanings are for the story of a dystopian future overrun by AI. But it wasn’t until the filmmakers, Lana and Lilly Wachowski opened up about their lives as trans women that fans began to look at “The Matrix” as a much different type of story. One that might have more to do with identity than folks originally thought.

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Speaking to Netflix Film Club, Lilly Wachowski talks about how the original intention of “The Matrix was to serve as a trans allegory and utilize sci-fi as a way to explore issues of identity and evolution. The filmmaker said that she’s “glad people are talking about ‘The Matrix’ movies with a trans narrative. I love how meaningful those films are to trans people…I’m grateful that I can throw them a rope to help them along in their journey.”

As for whether or not she’s happy about the film’s trans allegory becoming more publicly discussed, Wachowski is clearly pleased with it and understands that the meaning of “The Matrix” has grown and evolved over time.

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“I’m glad that it has gotten out, that was the original intention,” explained Wachowski. “But the world wasn’t quite ready yet at a corporate level. The corporate world wasn’t ready for it. When you make movies and it’s this public art form, I think any kind of art that you put into the universe there’s a letting go process. Because it’s entering into public dialogue. I like that there’s an evolution process that we as human beings engage in art in a nonlinear way. We can always talk about something in new ways, and in new light.”

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Obviously, even though Lilly Wachowski isn’t involved with her sister’s upcoming sequel, “The Matrix 4,” it can be assumed that the film will continue the franchise’s exploration of identity. In fact, with the way society has changed over the past decade especially, it might be fair to assume those issues will be more front and center than ever before.

You can see the full discussion with Lilly Wachowski below: