The idea of a “Face/Off” remake is either incredible or the worst thing ever. I can’t decide. I mean, “Face/Off” isn’t a good movie, by any recognizable metric, even with director John Woo behind the camera and John Travolta and Nic Cage starring. But there’s something about the insane alchemy on display in every frame of that film that makes “Face/Off” endlessly watchable, enjoyable, and ultimately, perfect.

However, Hollywood is going to Hollywood, and Deadline is reporting that Paramount has decided it’s a great idea to remake “Face/Off.” The new film will feature a brand-new cast (which itself is a dumb idea considering both Travolta and Cage are at the height of their respective “I need the money” careers) and a script written by “Cloverfield Paradox” scribe Oren Uziel. If that man doesn’t have the “I can eat a peach for hours” line in the script, then Paramount might as well just burn the millions of dollars it was going to spend on the film because it’s a waste of time.

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You may think that there’s a thick level of sarcasm on display right now, but you’d be wrong. I’m completely sincere in my love of this film as a work of insane, bonkers, ludicrous art. No, it’s not a masterpiece compared to something from Terrence Malick or Bong Joon-ho, but let’s be real, it’s one of the most recognizable films of the mid-‘90s and has become one of the most meme’d movies for a reason — it’s just really fucking fun(ny).

What would “Face/Off” be without Travolta and Cage? I can’t even fathom what that might look like. Those two, and whatever mind-altering substances they were on at the time, make “Face/Off” such a one-of-a-kind film. In a world filled with reboots and remakes that don’t make sense, this one takes the cake. At least with half of the franchises that are given another shot from studios nowadays, those films could benefit from more budget and a talented cast and crew. “Face/Off” loses all its magic if you take away the manic energy and “WTF?” plot/script. By making it “better,” you make it worse.

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How about spending the money on a true sequel to the film with both Cage and Travolta returning? Otherwise, it just won’t be “Face/Off.”

Here’s a selection of some of the highlights from the action classic, for those that have wrongfully passed the film up over the years: