There are a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding the massive $1 billion AmazonLord of the Rings” TV series. What we do know is that it’s expensive and is guaranteed to go longer than one season. And just about everything, including the story and characters, seems up in the air. However, now we know one other thing about the series — Peter Jackson is not involved. In fact, he’s just excited to sit on the sidelines.

In a new interview with at the New York Comic-Con, Jackson was asked about his involvement (or lack thereof) in the new series and what he thinks about some other group of people taking over the franchise that launched his filmmaking career into the stratosphere.

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“I’m kind of looking forward to it,” Jackson said. “I was a guy who didn’t get to see the ‘Lord of the Rings’ like everybody else because I had to make it, so I’m looking forward to seeing somebody else’s take on the Tolkien world.”

Whether or not fans agree with the idea of another person taking on Tolkien’s world is another matter entirely. The general consensus is split down the middle, as with most things on social media and the Internet. You have some fans of Tolkien’s work happy to see Jackson taking a backseat this time, as the new series will allow a fresh set of eyes take the franchise into a more detailed, expanded direction. However, there are those others that think what Jackson did with ‘LotR’ and the subsequent “Hobbit” Trilogy was just fine and plenty of Tolkien for all involved.

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Amazon, obviously, is banking (big) on the idea that there are more people in the former camp than in the latter. But really, we’ll have no clue until the series hits devices sometime in the future. That’s when fans, including Jackson, will get their first taste of Amazon’s Middle-earth.