Despite news that “The Irishman” is getting the biggest theatrical rollout, worldwide, of any Netflix film to date, there are still many people, especially in the US, that will have to wait until the film hits streaming before they can see it. And according to “Knives Out” filmmaker, Rian Johnson, that’s a “tragedy.”

Speaking to IndieWire, while promoting his upcoming whodunnit film “Knives Out,” Johnson was asked about the theatrical experience, particularly in regards to his new film. And if you’ve seen “Knives Out” already at a festival or screening, then you know that the filmmaker has crafted a movie that is perfectly constructed, with plenty of laugh out loud moments and gasp-inducing reveals, with an audience in mind.

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“This movie is manufactured to be seen with a big crowd — everyone laughing and involved with it,” Johnson said about his new film. “It’s going to be totally different than seeing it home alone.”

However, when he talks about how the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and others has changed the way film is being consumed, with many people choosing to wait for home release, Johnson admits that his feelings are “complicated.”

“Look, just as a moviegoer, it’s great that some people can see ‘The Irishman’ in the theater,” he said. “It’s a tragedy that more people can’t.”

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He added, “I’m conflicted. Obviously, these movies are getting made because Netflix is stepping up to the plate and making them. We would not have a three-and-a-half-hour movie that does what ‘The Irishman’ does, that has that luxury, without Netflix taking a big swing. Now that Netflix is producing important movies with great directors, it’s just pushing the issue more and more. I’m happy Netflix is doing what they’re doing.”

As mentioned, Variety has reported that Netflix has launched an unprecedented release strategy all around the world for Martin Scorsese’s newest film. However, with theatrical release windows and specific streaming rules, even in other countries outside of the US, Netflix is being met with some difficulties. That said, the film is going to be available on hundreds of screens around the world, even after “The Irishman” arrives on streaming.

“Knives Out” will be in thousands of theaters in North America on November 27.