With all these news items about delays in production for films and TV series, it’s clear that Hollywood is taking a massive hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, what isn’t being discussed a lot are the crew members that work on TV shows and film sets that won’t be paid during this hiatus, as studios attempt to figure out how to best move forward with their productions. Well, Rob McElhenney, one of the creators of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and the recent “Mythic Quest,” hopes that studios will continue to pay these workers, and he offered a plan.

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McElhenney, who is in the middle of filming Season 2 of his Apple TV+ comedy, “Mythic Quest,” posted a fairly long statement on Twitter about the recent shutdowns that have affected almost every major film and TV production underway. And instead of offering condolences and well-wishes, he actually explained what the filmmakers behind “Mythic Quest” are doing to help make sure the delay isn’t longer than necessary.

“Here is what the most powerful people in our industry can do to help those in our community who need it most: Convince the studios to continue paying people during the shut-downs,” he tweeted. “The studios who have not committed to continuing payroll are NOT evil. There are many factors that have to be reconciled and it’s easy to be on one side of things and make judgments.”

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McElhenney went on to say that he understands that paying people for work that isn’t happening for an unknown amount of time may be untenable, but he does offer a solution. Well, at least an example of what he’s doing to help.

“Mythic Quest is going down for two weeks,” McElhenney explained. “Hopefully that slows the curve of this thing and buys the healthcare system some time. Then, barring major developments we will create a protocol of medical clearance for each and every person to return.”

He adds that after two weeks, he is hoping that his cast and crew can be tested and the sets will be sterilized.

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McElhenney added, “Make no mistake, this is not ideal. A complete quarantine of a few months would be best. But that’s not going to happen without a total restructuring of life as we know it. So, taking ALL of that into account,2 weeks seems right.”

The actor-producer also admitted that the studio and behind-the-scenes folks will take a hit due to the shutdown and continuing pay, “but so many of us have profited and benefitted from this system in astronomical ways. It is times like this when we all have to make sacrifices. Especially for those who helped us to profit and benefit.”

The first season of “Mythic Quest” is available now on Apple TV+. You can read his full statement in the twitter thread below: