We are less than a week away from the world being exposed to Todd Phillips’ latest film, “Joker.” After all the controversy and all the discussion about the comic book film, fans will finally get a chance to see “Joker” for themselves and decide what to think. Is the film going to cause worldwide panic? Is the controversy just all hot air and not really relevant? On Friday, everyone can find out for themselves.

And speaking to Variety, that’s exactly what Robert De Niro wants everyone to do. Speaking about the film, the actor, who has a brief role in “Joker,” understands why there is controversy and why films like “Taxi Driver” and “King of Comedy” are brought up, but wants everyone to see the new comic book film before making judgments.

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“I like Todd Phillips and Joaquin [Phoenix],” he explained. “They were terrific to work with. You know, I’m a small part of [‘Joker’] and they kind of — the association of me with ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘King of Comedy’ is part of it, though it’s different, you’ll see. When they see the movie they’ll get why.”

De Niro added, “We’ll see what happens. I know there’s controversy. I think some of the things that were being said about Warner Bros. giving money, not endorsing — or whatever it was about the NRA — I think is right. Whatever people were saying connected with the Aurora theater or whatever organization it was.

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It’s clear that De Niro, who has never been known as someone that bites his tongue, especially if there are political situations to discuss, is still supporting the film and thinks the controversy is much ado about nothing. However, there is the issue of WB and the NRA, but that really doesn’t involve the film or the content of the film.

“Joker” is set to hit theaters on October 4.

If you want to see a more outspoken De Niro tear into Fox News while promoting “The Irishman,” then enjoy the below segment: