Robert Pattinson has taken a strong post-“Twilight” turn into arthouse films, and it has resulted in arthouse box office. While the films may be acclaimed, the receipts have tended to be small. “Good Time” ($2 million) and “The Lost City Of Z” ($8.5 million) didn’t exactly pack them in domestically, while fare such as “Life” barely made a ripple at cinemas. So, it’s not exaggeration that this new project might be Pattinson’s most commercial choice in quite some time.

The actor has joined Willem Dafoe in “The Witch” director Robert Eggers‘ new film “The Lighthouse.” Of course, “The Witch” was that Olde Tyme horror sensation that chalked up a remarkable $40 million worldwide — not bad for atmospheric horror flick with zero major stars. Plot details on this new movie are being kept in the dark, but the story is set in the early 20th century in Nova Scotia, and revolves around an aging lighthouse keeper (Dafoe). I’ll hazard a guess the dude has seem some gnarly things in his time.

Filming will get underway this spring, and it’s a safe bet “The Lighthouse” will hit more than a few prominent festivals in 2019. As for what became of Eggers’ remake of “Nosferatu,” I presume that’s on the backburner for now.  [THR]