Sofia Coppola Says Rashida Jones Helped Workshop 'Lost In Translation' Script, Playing Scarlett Johansson's Role

Even almost two decades after the film’s debut, “Lost in Translation” still ranks as one of the best films in both the careers of Sofia Coppola and actor Bill Murray. And now, the duo is teaming up yet again for the upcoming dramedy, “On the Rocks,” but instead of Scarlett Johansson playing opposite Murray, there’s Rashida Jones. However, as revealed in a new EW interview, Jones filling in for Johansson isn’t all that unfamiliar to Coppola.

“When I was working on ‘Lost in Translation,’ I was workshopping the script at an acting class, and [Rashida Jones] played the role that Scarlett Johansson ended up playing,” Coppola revealed. “I remember first working with her then and always having a connection to her and really liking her!”

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When asked about that time workshopping the film with Coppola, Jones explained why she felt a connection to the filmmaker and “Lost in Translation,” and why that experience helped shape “On the Rocks.”

“Sofia has a quiet power and elegance that I have been in awe of since the first time we met,” said the actress. “I had a lot in common with the character at the time, struggling with my identity and loneliness in a relationship. It was such a formative acting experience for me to dig into a character that deeply. Sofia and I have had a lot of parallel emotional milestones and ‘On the Rocks’ represents that, too.”

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Even without this relationship between Rashida Jones and “Lost in Translation,” there was already going to be no way that film could be left out of the conversation when talking about “On the Rocks.” When you discuss the filmography of Sofia Coppola, as well as the best performances by Bill Murray, you end up always discussing that 2003 film. And the fact that Murry and Coppola are reuniting for “On the Rocks” is a large part of why film fans are excited by the new Apple film.

“On the Rocks” is expected to arrive in theaters and Apple TV+ in October.