If you’re a diehard “Star Wars” fan, then you’ve no doubt read tons and tons of first-hand reports of the latest Disneyland attraction, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The newest “land” to invade Disney is a fully immersive trip to a galaxy far, far away, filled with Easter Eggs and references to the full library of “Star Wars” canon. But what you probably didn’t know is the fact that one of the biggest things you can see in Galaxy’s Edge is also something that will likely never be used in a “Star Wars” film.

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According to Collider, one of the several life-size replica spaceships at Galaxy’s Edge is none other than the First Order Tie Echelon. The name might not ring any bells for most people, as the Echelon is not the name that a ship has used in previous “Star Wars” lore. Apparently, that’s because the folks at Disney have been planning this new attraction for so long that when they wanted to include something from the upcoming ‘Episode IX,’ they reached out to Colin Trevorrow for inspiration.

Why Trevorrow? Well, because the former director of ‘Episode IX’ was still attached when the plans for Galaxy’s Edge went into development. That means, one of his original ideas that were going to be included in his version of the film has now been adopted into the new Disneyland attraction, with no guarantee that it will be used in the actual ‘Episode IX’ that is released in December.

“It was part of an upgraded First Order fleet,” said Trevorrow. “An armed troop transport—the equivalent of a Blackhawk stealth helicopter. We wanted it to evoke memories of earlier ships while still being its own thing. If you look at the elements, it’s kind of a hybrid of designs from VII and VIII, with some familiar elements from OT Tie Fighters like Vader’s Advanced x1. There’s a lot of history in it.”

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He added, “Honestly, I’m just proud to have been a part of it. I love that ship. Put my ashes in it, man.”

As mentioned, Trevorrow was dismissed from his duties as writer-director on “Star Wars: Episode IX.” Eventually, he was replaced by ‘The Force Awakens’ director J.J. Abrams, and the rest is history.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is set to hit theaters on December 19.

You can see an image of the ship below:

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