Take A Trip In This Video Essay About The 1960 & 2002 Versions Of 'The Time Machine'

Let’s travel back to the year 2002. A weird and magical time where Guy Pearce was the original Colin Farrell (a talented, handsome up-and-comer getting plugged into leading-man blockbuster roles that squander his gifts) and Jeremy Irons could be convinced to dress up like a White Walker. That’s right, we’re talking about the forgettable remake of “The Time Machine,” the first and only live-action directorial effort from H.G. Wells’ great-grandson, Simon Wells.

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In this latest edition of “The Remaker,” AlternatingLine explores the similarities and differences between George Pal’s 1960 original film and the 2002 remake. Ultimately, the consensus is that the original is plagued by the limitations of the time, both in terms of special effects and where our country’s headspace was at regarding nuclear fear. Yet, the film has its charms, and the remake has every opportunity to right the wrong and go a little deeper into its exploration of time travel, and yet… it doesn’t.

You can check out the latest The Remaker below. Which version do you think stayed truer to Wells’ novel? Sound off in the comments!