Without bringing specific political issues into consideration, it’s clear that there is a huge difference between the presidencies of Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Anyone with eyes can see that. However, in the new documentary, “The Way I See It,” it takes a photographer to really break down some of the clearest differences between how Trump runs the White House and how his predecessors carried themselves.

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As seen in the trailer for the documentary, “The Way I See It” follows the story of White House photographer Pete Souza, who previously worked under the administrations of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. The film utilizes some of the most famous photos taken by Souza and the stories behind them to show how the aforementioned Republican and Democratic Presidents treated the office and position differently than Trump. Needless to say, even though the current POTUS and Reagan share the same political party, they are oceans apart as far as Souza sees it.

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The doc comes from filmmaker Dawn Porter. The filmmaker is probably best known for her previous projects “Trapped” and “Gideon’s Army.” “The Way I See It” is produced by Evan Hayes, Laura Dern, and Jayme Lemons and was selected to take part in this year’s Telluride Film Festival, though the event was eventually canceled due to COVID-19.

“The Way I See It” is scheduled to arrive in theaters in September.

Here’s the synopsis:

Based on the New York Times #1 bestseller comes The Way I See It, an unprecedented look behind the scenes of two of the most iconic Presidents in American History, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, as seen through the eyes of renowned photographer Pete Souza. As Official White House Photographer, Souza was an eyewitness to the unique and tremendous responsibilities of being the most powerful person on Earth. The movie reveals how Souza transforms from a respected photojournalist to a searing commentator on the issues we face as a country and a people.