'Tiger King' Has Been Watched By More Than 34 Million US Viewers In Its First 10 Days

If you’ve viewed social media for even five minutes over the last two weeks, you’ve likely seen at least one person talk about “Tiger King.” The Netflix docuseries has quickly become a phenomenon, spawning countless memes and a number of debates and discussions. Frankly, if someone isn’t talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re likely discussing the drama between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. And now, thanks to Nielsen, we have some hard facts that show just how popular “Tiger King” is for the streaming platform.

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According to Variety, Nielsen says that “Tiger King” has been viewed by 34.3 million unique viewers in the US over the first 10 days of release. For comparison’s sake, you have to look at the upper echelon of Netflix originals to even find numbers close to that. “Tiger King’s” 10-day numbers handily beat “Stranger Things 2” and that series’ 31.2 million viewers, but it falls short of “Stranger Things 3’s” 36.3 million viewers. Still, for a docuseries about a mullet-wearing racist from Oklahoma, that’s pretty impressive.

However, when comparing the series to “Stranger Things” and other Netflix originals, it’s important to note how the popularity of “Tiger King” grew organically and wasn’t something that happened right out of the gate. According to the stats, the docuseries debuted with only 280,000 unique viewers in the US in its first 24 hours. That number jumped to 1 million daily viewers by day 3, 2 million by day 7, and 4 million by day 9.

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The only sad part about “Tiger King,” at least to Netflix, is the fact that the story is likely over. Any hope for a sequel is unlikely, as the story of Joe Exotic, at this point, has come to an end. However, recently, Jeff Lowe, a character on the series, has hinted that the streaming service is working on at least one more episode of the show. That being said, we still haven’t heard confirmation of that actually happening.

“Tiger King” is available to watch now on Netflix.