After the production stoppages began in early March, due to COVID-19, the film and TV industry has been in a holding pattern wondering when people can get back to work and continue filming. Already, due to these delays, we’ve seen projects such as “The Batman” get release date delays. But now, it appears that plans are beginning to take form that will allow for some films, such as “The Matrix 4,” to begin work again during the summer.

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According to Variety, it appears that Warner Bros. is planning on having work begin again on “The Matrix 4” by July. The new sci-fi/action film from director Lana Wachowski is one of the biggest films currently in production and was expected to move its filming locations from San Francisco to Berlin in mid-March. However, the European production move never happened due to the pandemic and the cast and crew have been waiting to find out when they’ll be able to begin work in Germany. But the studio has given an answer to that question, with contracts for the cast and crew being extended so that filming can begin by July 1 without worries.

As with anything that we report regarding COVID-19 and its effect on the film and TV industry, these plans are just that—plans. And as we all know, plans can definitely change. Obviously, if we get to the July start date and it’s still not safe to begin work, “The Matrix 4” will have to figure out what to do then. However, if WB is aiming to have production reopen in July, this could also be a sign that other studios will try to get their productions back on track by then, as well. Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 7,” and the aforementioned ‘Batman’ reboot are all films that have been affected by the stoppages.

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It’s unclear how the delay will affect “The Matrix 4.” As of now, WB still has the film slated for a May 2021 release date. But as mentioned, many other films have found themselves delayed due to the production issues. So, it’s not known if WB is just waiting for more information before announcing a new release date.