'What If?' Mid-Season Trailer: Marvel Studios Teases More Multiverse Adventures With Your Favorite Superheroes

Halfway through the first season and Marvel Studios’ “What If?” has been an interesting experiment, to quote the Disney CEO, Bob Chapek. While a couple of the episodes have served as intriguing remixes of fan-favorite films, other episodes have really gone in truly weird and fun directions, flipping familiar stories on their heads. So, we’re definitely excited to see what the second half of the season gives us.

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As seen in the Marvel Studios trademarked “mid-season trailer” for “What If?” we’re given a glimpse at what’s to come. And mostly, that’s just by recapping what we saw before (Captain Carter, zombies, evil Doctor Strange, T’Challa as Star-Lord, and more) and then flashing quick hints at, well, more of that type of thing. The only real difference is that there are more heroes being added to the show that we have yet to see so far, including Captain Marvel. 

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While seeing the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in animated form is exciting enough for fans, the fact that most of the roles are filled by their live-action actors returning for new adventures really gives “What If?” a feeling that it’s more than just forgettable experiments. The series is directed by Bryan Andrews with A.C. Bradley serving as head writer. 

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Marvel Studios’ “What If?” debuts new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+. You can watch the new trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis:

A mid-season sneak peek of Marvel Studios’ “What If… ?” is available now, showcasing the surprises in store for the final four episodes of Marvel Studios’ first-ever animated series, exclusively on Disney+. Witness the biggest heroes of the multiverse as they navigate alternate realities on a collision course toward an unforgettable finale. “What If…?” flips the script on the MCU, reimagining famous events from the films in unexpected ways, featuring a voice cast that includes a host of stars who reprise their roles.