International 'Red' Trailer Looks Like The Summer Action Movie Of This Fall

“The Losers,” “The A-Team” and “The Expendables” (despite its mind boggling success) didn’t do it for us, but it looks like Robert Schwentke’s “Red” will fill the dumb fun action slot and be a welcome break from seriousness of this fall’s awards season.

The international trailer for the Robert Schwentke-directed adaptation of the DC/Wildstorm comic has arrived, and it looks like total, self-deprecating fun. The film follows Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), a retired black-ops CIA agent who finds that his former bosses are trying to kill him. Scrambling to survive and to protect the woman he loves (Mary Louise-Parker), he reassembles his old team (Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich) for the inevitable one last job. The cast is rounded out by Brian Cox, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfuss, Ernest Borgnine and Julian McMahon.

As we previously reported, the film is still being fine tuned and Schewentke, Willis and Malkovich are getting together to shoot a one-minute epilogue scene for the film. At any rate, we’re looking forward to it. “Red” opens on October 15th.