Alex Garland has a pretty impeccable filmmaking track record. Even if you believe the rumors that he pretty much directedDredd” (which is pretty great, for what it is), Garland is 3-for-3 as a director. Add to that his quality screenwriting credits, and you have a filmmaker that is clearly at the top of his game. And judging by the news about his next project, “The Toymaker’s Secret,” it looks like the good fortune will continue for Garland.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alex Garland will write “The Toymaker’s Secret,” but is not attached to direct the film. However, in his place is Paloma Baeza, the BAFTA award-winning director and actress, to helm the project. Baeza, who just so happens to be Garlands real-life wife, won awards for her animated short “Poles Apart” and is now attached to helm this fantasy film.

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“The Toymaker’s Secret” is a CG/live-action hybrid that follows toys that have come to life in Victorian England. After living in secret for decades, a single mother and daughter, who move into the house, discover the toys and their lives are upended. The Hollywood Reporter says the tone of the film is supposed to be reminiscent of “The Princess Bride.” This sounds like it has all the makings of something pretty incredible.

Garland just released his latest film “Annihilation,” which he wrote and directed. That film, which sounds about as far away from “The Toymaker’s Secret” as possible, has received critical acclaim, and firmly put Garland on the map as a filmmaker to follow closely.

Baeza has only directed a few projects, but has been acting in a variety of films and TV series over the years, including a role in “Sunshine,” which was written by Garland.

There’s no release date yet for “The Toymaker’s Secret,” but we will definitely be following the production closely.