Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic spreading all over the world, many film and TV fans are finding themselves stuck inside as they try to stay healthy. Inevitably, those streaming subscriptions are coming in handy, with many of us plowing through our queues while we look for the next thing to pass the time. Perhaps you should look at “Black Monday?”

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Just in time for all the social distancing and self-isolation, Showtime has released a new Season 2 trailer for “Black Monday.” The series follows a group of businesspeople in the ‘80s that are recovering from the largest stock market crash in history. Sure, the failing stock market angle might hit a bit close to home given our recent news, but “Black Monday” puts a hilarious spin on it, featuring a cast that includes one of the best actors working today, Don Cheadle. So, while the news might show our economy getting hammered by coronavirus, allow Don Cheadle to make you laugh at the stock market and the economy getting ravaged decades prior.

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Joining Cheadle in the cast are Andrew Rannells and Regina Hall. The series comes from producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who have become a brand themselves, producing some of the funniest films and TV series recently released, including “The Disaster Artist,” “Long Shot,” and “Good Boys.”

“Black Monday” Season 2 premiered on Showtime yesterday.

Here’s the synopsis:

In the aftermath of the largest stock market crash in history, Dawn and Blair are now the bosses at The Jammer Group, and they quickly learn that heavy is the head that wears the crown, especially when that head is constantly looking over its shoulder for Mo, who’s on the run with Keith. Who will go down for the crash? Who will go down for the murders? Who will go down for fleecing Mo?