Disney has had great success with adapting its theme park rides for the big screen. Obviously, the standout being the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. But even this year, the Mouse House has “Jungle Cruise” arriving, starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. So, can Blumhouse replicate that park-to-theater success with “Halloween Horror Nights?” Jason Blum sure thinks so.

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Speaking to Collider, the Blumhouse boss was asked about the possibility of his production company tackling the idea of a “Halloween Horror Nights” feature film. Surprisingly, Blum isn’t just open to the idea, but enthusiastically developing it.

“Yes! Definitely!” Blum said about the idea. “We’ve actually talked about it. We haven’t quite figured it out, but there’s definitely a movie in Halloween Horror Nights somewhere.”

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For those not Universal Studios theme park fans, “Halloween Horror Nights” is the annual event that finds the theme parks in Florida and California overhauled to be focused on scares and thrills. The event normally introduces haunted houses, mazes, and other horror attractions based on Universal properties, including some films developed by Blumhouse such as “The Purge.”

The obvious question is: what does an ‘HHN’ film look like? Is it a theme park-focused slasher, a la 2018’s “Hell Fest?” Or maybe we’re talking something more supernatural where the scares come to life? We’ll have to wait and see if Blumhouse ever cracks the code.

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For now, if you want to experience “Halloween Horror Nights” for yourself, you actually do have to leave the comfort of your home and go to one of the Universal Studios locations during the fall.