Filmmaker Drake Doremus has been on our radars for several years now, ever since the release of his 2011 film “Like Crazy,” which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. Since then, Doremus has released several films that have been very well-received by critics. And his next project is lining up to be something we’re going to want to keep our eyes on.

Now comes reports that Doremus is lining up his next film, a romantic drama called “Aurora.” He’s teaming up with the Korean production company, CJ Entertainment, that released the amazing films “The Handmaiden” and “Snowpiercer.” “Aurora” tells the story of a widower that lives in alone in Iceland, 25 years after his wife’s death. That’s when a mysterious stranger comes into his life and makes him question his identity and potential past lives. The film is said to be a romantic drama with supernatural elements.

“Aurora” is written by Salvador Paskowitz, who is best known for co-writing “The Age of Adaline,” which starred Blake Lively and was another romantic drama with fantastic elements. Perhaps Paskowitz is the guy to turn to if you want your romantic films to have that extra twist.

Doremus was recently in the news because his latest film, “Zoe,” premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. That film, which starred Ewan McGregor, Lea Seydoux, Rashida Jones, and Christina Aguilera, didn’t receive the critical acclaim that the filmmaker is used to. We saw the film and said, in our Tribeca review, “Though the film attempts to introduce a future laden with fascinating social implications, it maddeningly ignores them in favor of an overwrought, plodding, and inherently sexist romance.” Yeah, we weren’t huge fans.

No word yet on a release date, but we’re hoping that Doremus is able to recapture the magic he had with “Like Crazy,” and “Aurora” doesn’t end up being another disappointing outing for the promising director.