There’s something about translating real-life events, especially historically prominent ones, through the lens of animation. Retaining the ability to capture the most innately empathetic pieces of audiences through the medium of animation, it’s part of what makes “Funan” look like such a unique film.

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The directorial debut of Denis Do, “Funan” thrusts its otherwise complacent characters into turmoil. In April 1975 Cambodia, a young woman and her family have their lives entirely upheaved by the Khmer Rouge regime. Following the separation from her son, it’s on Chou and her husband to forego the lives they once lived and take on the survivalist mindset to be reunited with their son.

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Given the feel of the trailer, the film will undoubtedly be a visceral experience as it chronicles personal journey tangentially with historical impact. With stunning animation, “Funan” celebrates the authenticity and heritage of its artwork along with the stories of the past.

“Funan” is in Select New York Theaters June 7 and Los Angeles theaters June 14.

Here’s the official trailer and full synopsis:

Cambodia, April 1975. Chou is a young woman whose everyday world is suddenly upended by the arrival of the Khmer Rouge regime. During the chaos of the forced exile from their home, Chou and her husband are separated from their 4-year-old son, who has been sent to an unknown location. As she navigates her new reality, working in the fields day and night under the careful watch of soldiers, and surviving the small indignities and harrowing realities of the increasingly grim work camps, Chou remains steadfast in her determination to reunite her family – even if it means risking everything.