There have been plenty of coming-of-age films about high school athletes. But most of the time, those films devolve into “Rocky”-esque sports dramas about state championships. In “Giants Being Lonely,” the athletes’ lives off the field are arguably more important than what they do during the games.

As seen in the trailer for “Giants Being Lonely,” the film follows the story of a high school senior that is a star baseball player and also dealing with all the drama that affects so many kids his age. There are love life issues, pressures about the future, and of course, an unstable home life. All of that seems to boil over and eventually leading to tragic results.

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“Giants Being Lonely” stars Jack Irving, Ben Irving, and Lily Gavin. The film is written and directed by Grear Patterson. The film marks his directorial debut.

In our review of the film, from 2019’s Venice Film Festival, we said, “Still, even with all these narrative gaps, ‘Giants Being Lonely’ is a profoundly beautiful film. Not only in its compositional choices but also in its otherworldly sound design, which oscillates between formal and experimental, mixing classical score and ambient noise in equal measure.”

“Giants Being Lonely” arrives on VOD on April 6. You can watch the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis:

Bobby (Jack Irving) is the star pitcher on his high-school baseball team, a motherless dreamer whose alcoholic father loves him but remains distant and aloof. His teammate Adam (Ben Irving) is the coach’s son, prone to violent reproaches at home with little support from his emotionally distant mother. Caught in between them is Caroline (Lily Gavin), a high school beauty from a seemingly perfect home who loves both golden boys, and just wants to go to prom. Set in a semi-rural landscape of verdant forests and pent-up yearning, the debut feature from lauded mixed-media artist Grear Patterson is a deeply personal story of youth and young manhood, tracing the ups and downs of love, sex, loneliness, friendship, baseball, and death – as the pressure mounts to make it out alive.