'A Quiet Place': Jeff Nichols To Write & Direct The Third Film In The Franchise, Based On Story From John Krasinski

Over the past several months, as intended release dates for blockbusters come and go, with films being pushed to 2021, I often think of this alternate universe where COVID-19 doesn’t exist and 2020 went on as it should have back in the early part of the year. In that fantasy world, “A Quiet Place Part II” would have already been released months ago, and it wouldn’t be all that surprising when Paramount announces a brand-new entry in the franchise. Alas, that isn’t reality, and we’re still months from the sequel hitting theaters. However, Paramount still is planning whatever ‘Part 3’ of the story is going to look like.

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According to Deadline, Paramount has brought on filmmaker Jeff Nichols to write and direct the third film in the “A Quiet Place” franchise, based on a story from actor-filmmaker John Krasinski. The plot and title of the film are still unknown, and Deadline can’t even guarantee that this film is actually a sequel and not some sort of spinoff. Regardless, it appears that Nichols is taking over the franchise from Krasinski, who directed the first film and wrote and directed the sequel.

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As you probably already know, “A Quiet Place” takes place in a world overrun by aliens. The first film follows the story of a family that has to live in complete silence, as the monsters that roam the Earth can only “see” you when you make noise. The sequel, which hasn’t yet been released, continues the story of the first film but expands the mythology even further.

Previously, Nichols released films such as “Midnight Special,” “Take Shelter,” “Mud,” and “Loving.” And out of those films, people will probably want to look at “Midnight Special” to show how he might approach a sci-fi concept like “A Quiet Place.” However, don’t just look at that film, as his other work is pretty great, including “Take Shelter,” which also has some end-of-the-world messaging.

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It’s unclear when this new ‘A Quiet Place’ film will hit theaters, exactly, but it’s being reported that Paramount is hoping for a 2022 release. Though, we’re not sure how this might be affected by the ever-changing release date for “A Quiet Place Part II,” which was originally supposed to arrive on March 20 of this year but has been pushed to April 23, 2021. And as we all know by now, that date shouldn’t be considered final, by any stretch of the imagination.