The math isn’t complicated: popular TV shows are going to among those that are the most pirated. And it seems that everyone is watching “Game Of Thrones,” whether or not they have a legit HBO subscription.

For the sixth year in a row, “Game Of Thrones” has topped the list of the most pirated TV show of the year. Speaking of popular shows, “The Walking Dead” — which everyone seems to grudgingly keep watching, even though it apparently sucks now — slides into the second spot. Somehow, even though “The Big Bang Theory” is on in syndication over a zillion times per day, there are people pirating the program in huge numbers. Meanwhile, “Rick and Morty” is out there in the multiverse to big numbers.

One thing that’s glaringly missing from the top ten? Netflix shows. I guess everyone has an account or at least shares a login with someone. I suppose when you have over 100 million subscribers worldwide, piracy is less of an issue. Check out the full top ten below. [Torrent Freak]

1. “Game of Thrones”
2. “The Walking Dead”
3. “The Flash”
4. “The Big Bang Theory”
5. “Rick and Morty”
6. “Prison Break”
7. “Sherlock”
8. “Vikings”
9. “Suits”
10. “Arrow”