Space Force” isn’t a great series. Far from it. But it is a show that Netflix is hoping will turn into a big deal, hopefully filling the void left by comedies such as “Friends” and “The Office.” However, even if it isn’t the next big thing, “Space Force” might actually become a major headache for the US government in regards to copyright claims.

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According to THR, Netflix has entered into a bit of a battle with the US government in regards to the copyright to the term “Space Force.” The series is clearly based on the announcement from 2018 from Donald Trump about the newest military branch. But unfortunately for the US government, the copyright for “Space Force” was only filed in the US and was only seen as a placeholder for the intent to use, as there has yet to be major movement on the idea. And in terms of Netflix, the company has already launched copyright claims in international territories and could actually fight the government for the US, as well.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a huge deal, right? No one is going to confuse the “Space Force” TV show and the real-life branch of the military. As THR reports, the issue could arise in merchandising. If there is a Netflix-released “Space Force” T-shirt, would it be the copyright product of the US government or the streaming service? Can Netflix land the copyright and prevent the White House from releasing its own merchandise promoting the initiative? And finally, how will Trump react to all this, as he is a shrewd businessman that doesn’t like to lose and is clearly willing to abuse his power to get what he wants, especially if he feels slighted?

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That’s still up in the air. However, it does appear that, for now, Netflix has the upper hand, as the streaming company does already have intellectual property released with the “Space Force” brand. The copyright battle could actually be the best way for “Space Force” to give the middle finger to Trump. Lord knows, the show doesn’t do a great job of that.