It’s been a big week for “Succession” fans. First, the HBO series landed several Emmy nominations, including acting nods for most of the core cast, including breakout star Nicholas Braun, who plays fan-favorite Cousin Greg. But perhaps the biggest and most surprising news of the week is Braun dropping a charity track about love under quarantine, and the fact that it is an absolute banger.

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Braun released a music video for his new, original pop-punk anthem for quarantine dating “Antibodies (Do You Have the).” The song was made in collaboration with fans after Braun put out a call on Instagram for brainstorming interpretations of the song’s chorus. “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” star Kiernan Shipka was among those who participated.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Braun said he was initially inspired by a social distancing date he went on early during the pandemic.

“My friends are a couple and they’ve been together for years, but I was back there sort of being like, ‘Man, I wish I had somebody right now to go through this with,'” Braun said. “And so this girl and I were talking and we were like, ‘Maybe we should go meet up and go for a walk — with bandanas on.’ So I went on this quarantine date; it sort of felt secret because I didn’t want my friends to know. And I guess the combination of paranoia and romance is what the song is about.”

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Honestly, the song is pretty catchy! And the emo visuals feel like a perfect fit for the current situation. The song was produced by Papa Roach, and a portion of the proceeds will go to charities Cope and Partners in Health.