Remember “Aquaman”? The only superhero movie that dared give the public what they wanted and had an octopus play the drums? Well, they’re making a sequel soon, so James Wan is not only directing the sequel, but getting the gang back together for “Aquaman 2” and it includes Patrick Wilson as Aquaman’s half-brother and sworn enemy, Orm, aka Ocean Master.

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Wilson confirmed that he will reprise his role (and hopefully, his hairstyle) for the sequel to the billion-dollar aquatic superhero movie.
According to the report, Wilson said: “I’m slightly briefed [on Orm-related matters],” says Wilson, who played the 2018 film’s chief villain. “I just throw a little dart here and there. I’ll say, ‘So, what about this?’ and [James Wan will] say, ‘Well, this is what I’m thinking.’ I can tell you that even his concepts for Aquaman 2 are pushing it even further.”

2018’s “Aquaman” featured a whole lot of world-building and silly humor that made the film one of the biggest surprises within the genre in recent years, and Jason Momoa‘s goofball energy made this one hell of a roller coaster ride, to quote dear Martin Scorsese. Though news-wise the sequel has been going pretty quiet, we still have a while to go before the film gets released in 2022. But Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has also confirmed his return as Black Mantra, so we can expect even more vows for revenge and brotherly rivalry. Since James Wan is also slated to work on the spin-off movie about the sea monsters known as “The Trench,” we probably can’t expect the monsters to make another appearance in “Aquaman 2.” But the original movie did tease a vast world full of wonder and terror, so the possibilities are endless for the sequel, and as long as they keep bringing back that drum-playing octopus, we’re going to be alright.

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“Aquaman 2” will begin production sometime next year for a December 16, 2022 release date planned. In the meantime, James Wan is working on directing his first horror movie since “The Conjuring 2,” titled “Malignant.”