Say what you will about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” It’s all been said before. Good, bad, or otherwise, Rian Johnson’s film has been dissected and analyzed from almost every possible angle. Even after the dust has settled on The Skywalker Saga, and we all know how it ends, there are still plenty of people that wish Johnson would have done things differently with ‘The Last Jedi.’ And to a certain extent, the writer-director recently admitted that he would like to change something about the creation of his “Star Wars” film, though it’s more about the process and not specifically any story points.

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Before you worry that Rian Johnson’s latest comments are just an excuse to relitigate ‘The Last Jedi,’ don’t worry, that’s not the point of what he recently said in a special feature of the “Knives Out” home release (via Screen Rant). However, the director does talk about how adding some test screenings might have helped him craft his “Star Wars” film.

“It was like a party in the theater, it was really fun,” the filmmaker said about the first “Knives Out” test screening. “It was like the first time I was like ‘Oh wow, this actually plays. This is good.’ Which is really nice and that’s something on ‘Star Wars,’ you can’t test ‘Star Wars’ movies for a lot of different reasons.”

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He continued, “I’ve always hated test screening, and when we were making ‘Star Wars,’ at a certain point in the process you’re like ‘God, I would give my left arm to put this in front of 300 people in Burbank and just see how it plays.’”

While Johnson doesn’t specifically mention any issues with his film that he would have liked to test before ‘The Last Jedi’ hit theaters, it’s clear that the secrecy that “Star Wars” films demand does come with some unintended issues. Unlike other films, which are able to “fix” issues, restructure plots, etc… after test screenings show how the general public would react, Lucasfilm is so concerned with spoilers that the idea of showing a “Star Wars” film early to test audiences is completely out of the question.

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Would a test audience have changed ‘The Last Jedi?’ Who knows? But perhaps Lucasfilm will be a little more open and willing to try new things on future films, as it’s clear that at least one of the directors in the Skywalker Saga has some regrets.