Release date announcements are a big deal to studios nowadays. Half of the time, it’s so important to be the first to claim a date that the studio doesn’t even announce which film is going to occupy the release, just that it’s going to happen. And for Sony, that means we don’t know exactly which “Untitled Sony/Marvel” film is getting released in October 2021, but we know it’s happening.

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According to Exhibitor Relations, Sony has revealed that it will release an “Untitled Sony/Marvel” film on October 8, 2021. However, we still don’t really have a clue what that film might be. But we definitely can make some deductions.

The first, most obvious choice is “Venom 2.” However, that doesn’t add up completely. You see, according to that film’s director, Andy Serkis, the sequel to 2018’s box office hit is already halfway through production. Plus, last we heard, Sony still has an “Untitled Sony/Marvel” film on the schedule for October 2 of this year, which feels like a good spot for “Venom 2.”

So, if it’s on the sequel to “Venom,” then there are still a couple of other choices for Sony to slot into that date. We already know that ‘Spider-Man 3’ is going to be released on July 21, 2021, so that leaves the possibility that Sony is already planning a sequel to “Morbius,” which arrives in theaters this July. If that film proves to be a big box office smash, the studio could rush a sequel into production this fall and have it ready to go by the following October.

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Or, more likely, this could be where we see one of the various other ‘Spider-Man’ spin-off films landing, such as “Kraven the Hunter.” Sony has made it no secret that the studio wants to keep expanding the world of Spider-Man, with ‘Kraven,’ “Black Cat,” “Silver Sable,” “Nightwatch,” and more in development. It stands to reason that Sony will likely use that October 2021 date to launch one of these.

Regardless of the decision, superhero fans have another date in the future to keep an eye on.