Stay In Your Seat During The Credits Of 'Suicide Squad'

Thus far, Warner Bros. and their DC Films lineup hasn’t followed suit with Marvel‘s fanboy-pleasing mid-credit and post-credit stingers, teasing upcoming movies and new characters. But it’s now the fourth quarter for WB and their superhero movies, and the studio needs a big across-the-board hit with “Suicide Squad,” one that will please critics and audiences. And the studio is tossing in one more surprise that they hope will push it over the top.

According to Comic Book Movie, “Suicide Squad” will have a mid-credits scene that they describe as “pivotal and important.” They don’t reveal what it is, but maybe we’re up for some speculation: maybe Superman starting to make his way out of his “grave”? Wonder Woman being shown another flash drive of important Justice League information? Joker getting another awful tattoo? The sky’s the limit, really. But it’s probably safe to assume it’s a scene teasing of one WB’s 2017 superhero flicks.

It marks a change of course from “Man Of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” which both eschewed going down the credits sequence scene road. But let’s face it, everyone is chasing the Marvel template these days, so it’s not entirely a huge surprise that WB is taking a page from their very, very successful playbook.

“Suicide Squad” opens on August 5th.