While Marvel Studios only has two films coming this year, there is still plenty of superhero news coming out of the Disney-owned company, thanks in no small part to the various live-action TV series the studio is working on in tandem with its big-screen output. And even though Disney+ might not carry the same prestige as a theatrical release, Marvel is still clearly able to land the big names, as it’s being reported that Owen Wilson is set to join the MCU as part of the upcoming “Loki” series.

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According to Comicbook.com, Owen Wilson has been added to the cast of “Loki,” joining lead actor Tom Hiddleston. The report claims that Wilson’s role, though unknown at the moment, will be a “major role” in the series. And considering the fact that “Loki” is said to follow the multiversal issues that follow the God of Mischief after he comes into possession of the Tesseract in “Avengers: Endgame,” there’s really no telling what character Wilson might portray.

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Of course, that being said, Wilson seems like a natural fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the course of his decades-long career, the actor has proven that he’s able to play the type of quippy, likable, sometimes serious person that is prevalent in most of the Marvel properties. Whether or not that means he’ll suit up as a hero or villain, or just some sort of sidekick character, is really inconsequential as the same qualities can be found in just about every major role in the superhero universe.

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Wilson joins new cast member Sophia Di Martino in the series. Unlike “WandaVision,” “Hawkeye,” and “The Falcon & The Winter Soldier,” we really don’t have much of an idea what to expect from “Loki.” It seems as if the series really is just borne from the desire of fans to see more Hiddleston in the MCU.

A release date for “Loki” is still unknown but it’s expected to hit the Disney+ streaming service in 2021.