What Do The New 'Inception' Character Posters Reveal About The Film?

Now that “Lost” is over after an ending that made us almost throw our TV out the window, we can now focus our attention on trying to unravel the mysteries of Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming “Inception.”

What we do know is not much: the existential heist film centers on Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who can enter a person’s subconscious to steal their darkest secrets during their dream state. The work has cost him everything he has ever loved (**spoiler** removed, but its been previously reported… **spoiler**) however, Cobb is offered an interesting “one last job” scenario to get his life back: instead of steal, he must implant an idea instead. That’s basically a summation of the official synopsis which hit the web recently, but if you’re worried about the movie being spoiled, there is apparently a big third act reveal (like “The Prestige”) that hasn’t even been hinted at yet.

The latest character posters — things we usually avoid posting stories about because they are usually boring as hell — intrigued us because in addition to doing the big-head-this-guy-is-in-the-movie marketing job they are supposed to do, they offer brief teasers on what the roles of each character in the movie is. They are described as follows: Leonardo DiCaprio is The Extractor; Cillian Murphy is The Mark (the guy they’re trying to implant the idea into); Ellen Page is The Architect; Marion Cotillard is The Shade; Ken Watanabe is The Tourist; Joseph Gordon-Levitt is The Point Man and Tom Hardy is The Forger.

So what does it all mean? Hard to say. None of these posters are particularly revelatory; Cillian Murphy has long been established as The Mark — the guy they’re trying to implant the idea inside of. But for us, the most intriguing description centers on Ellen Page as The Architect (pictured). Our guess is that Page, who in the trailer for the film is recruited by Cobb, may be the one who helps him figure out how — or has the ability — to implant an idea, instead of steal it. We think her role is going to be a bit more central than just being his “assistant” as previously reported.

As for the rest, we’re just not quite sure. We have our theories — that Watanabe and Dileep Rao are cohorts after the same thing as Cobb or possibly trying to steal the idea he’s trying to implant in Murphy — but we won’t bore you with them here. However, we did do a nerdy breakdown of the latest trailer because while we’re pretty much curmudgeons about a lot of things, we are total fanboys for Nolan and this is easily our most anticipated film of a pretty lackluster summer.

You can have a look at the complete set of character posters here. “Inception” is still a way off, and won’t be hitting theaters until July 16th. Just please, don’t end the film with all the characters walking into a bright, white light….