Zack Snyder Says "Badly Misunderstood" 'Sucker Punch' Is "A Big F*ck You To A Lot Of People"

Sucker Punch” is a bit of a polarizing film. Then again, many of the films from director Zack Snyder fall into the category of “polarizing.” However, among even the most divisive of Snyder films (yes, even ‘Batman v. Superman’), “Sucker Punch” can be argued as the one that has split film fans down the middle. And according to Snyder, the reaction that his film received is shocking to him.

Speaking to ComicBookDebate, Snyder discussed his 2011 action/fantasy film and how it’s one of his more misunderstood works. Also, he opines about how Warner Bros. fundamentally changed his vision of the film.

“I’m always shocked that [‘Sucker Punch’] was so badly misunderstood,” revealed Snyder. “I always said that it was a commentary on sexism and geek culture. Someone would ask me, “Why did you film the girls this way?” And I’d say, “Well you did!’”

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He added, “‘Sucker Punch’ is a fuck you to a lot of people who will watch it.”

If you’re one of the people that hasn’t yet discovered “Sucker Punch,” the film tells the story of a young girl named Babydoll that finds herself in a mental institution. To help her mentally escape the hardships of her institutionalization, Babydoll fantasizes and imagines these elaborate scenarios. Each of the fantasies recalls a special style of genre filmmaking, whether it’s Japanese anime, horror, steampunk, etc..

Interestingly enough, “Sucker Punch” stands as the only film in Snyder’s career that isn’t based on a pre-existing IP, leaving the film as perhaps the purest form of Snyder you can get. However, the director says that the version that many people saw in theaters and at home is not his true vision of the film. Instead, “Sucker Punch” was heavily edited by Warner Bros., as the studio was trying to maximize the film’s potential profits.

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“To make them think they’ve had a great show, the movie got changed by the studio for the audience,” admitted the director. “The voiceover [at the beginning of the film] doesn’t address the actual injustices, but addresses the way the studio would want you to feel, and they don’t want to offend anybody.”

He continued, “It’s self-empowering, but doesn’t challenge you the way it was supposed to.”

Snyder has already talked about a director’s cut of the film, which he showed at a recent event. However, no official release date has been talked about for when it might actually be available to view by fans.