If there is one thing we’ve learned about the film industry during the pandemic, it’s that Christopher Nolan’sTenet” dictates the release schedule for just about everything else coming in 2020. And that most definitely includes Disney’sMulan.”

After removing “Mulan” from the release schedule a couple of weeks ago, Disney has decided to try yet another new release strategy for the highly-anticipated live-action remake. Speaking to investors, Disney executive Bob Chapek revealed that plans to release “Mulan” are still in the works, with the film arriving September 4. But depending on where you are located, you might not have to leave your house to watch it.

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Chapek announced that “Mulan” is arriving on Disney+ in many regions (including the US and Canada) on September 4. However, unlike the rest of the library, the new feature will require an additional $29.99 fee (the “premiere price” is what it was referred to) to access the film. In countries where Disney+ isn’t available, the film will be available in theaters, if they’re open. This is clearly the beginning of a new strategy for Disney and how it releases films. If “Mulan” makes a ton of cash for the company, all bets are off.

This marks the fourth change in date for the film, which was supposed to debut all the way back in March. As mentioned, the film has followed the lead of “Tenet,” finding a date shortly after the action film to open. And considering Warner Bros. recently unveiled its staggered release for the Nolan film, we fully expected to hear what Disney had in mind for its blockbuster.

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Much like “Tenet” and most big-budget action films of this era, release date decision-making isn’t completely reliant on the United States, with “Mulan” being a clear example. Sure, the film is expected to be another big hit for Disney when it finally arrives in the US, but the real question is how well the film will do overseas, particularly in Asian territories. With its primarily Asian cast and a story that pulls from Chinese folklore, “Mulan” has always been expected to be a massive film in China and around Asia. So, even though the US seems like it won’t be dealing with COVID-19 anytime soon, Disney has to also take into account how the rest of the world is handling the pandemic.

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And right now, it appears that “Mulan” will arrive on Disney+ on September 4 for $29.99 and in select theaters around the world.