We’ll pretty much watch anything with Eva Green, even if that means struggling through Tim Burton movies. The actress didn’t fare well in “Dark Shadows” (well, nobody did, really) and I can’t speak for “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children” because I haven’t yet built up the strength to turn it on. But it’ll probably be a mere fraction of what will be required for Burton’s live-action “Dumbo.”

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The director has recruited Green for the Disney redo, and if you’re wondering, “Why on Earth would she be interested in this remake?”, here’s your answer: THR reveals that the actress will be playing “a trapeze artist who works for the head of the circus.” Okay, then. Her boss is the villain of the movie, so maybe she’s playing a baddie as well, but we’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, the search for a lead actor continues, as both Will Smith and Chris Pine turned down the part of a widowed father with two kids who presumably befriend Dumbo.

And that means there’s no release date yet for the movie, though 2019 seems as good a guess as any.

  • Griefo

    Remember when Tim Burton movies were something to look forward to? I do. Now it’s all just meh.. He kind of reminds of Weezer. Remember when Weezer was awesome? I do. Now it’s all just meh..
    Oh well.