The five stages of grief explain all the phases in people’s minds when they learn of someone’s passing and then finally come to accept their fate. You start with denial. Then comes anger, bargaining, and depression. Finally, you get to acceptance. And right now, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are at acceptance when it comes to the upcoming assumed death of Captain America in “Avengers 4.” But leave it to Joe Russo, one of the directors, to go and change that.

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Back in October, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in the ‘Avengers’ franchise, posted a heartfelt goodbye on Twitter. He thanked the fans and talked about how wrapping “Avengers 4” was very emotional. Many took that as a sign that Cap would most definitely die during the upcoming ‘Avengers’ sequel. And as we said, the grieving process began.

But now, thanks to a new interview with USA Today, co-director Joe Russo wants everyone to know that Evans isn’t quite done with the MCU just yet.

“I think [‘Avengers 4’ wrap] was more emotional for him than us. Only because he’s not done yet, you know?” said Russo. “I won’t explain what that means but the audience will understand what I’m talking about [when they see the film].”

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There you go, Joe Russo, ruining fans’ lives yet again. After seemingly “killing” half of the Marvel Universe in “Avengers: Infinity War,” fans were finally coming around to the fact that their heroes might die (for real this time) in “Avengers 4,” including Evans’ Cap. But now, Russo just gets people’s hopes up, just enough to fully break their hearts once again.

Or maybe, just maybe, this isn’t yet another misdirection from those behind-the-scenes and is, in fact, confirmation that there will be more Evans after “Avengers 4.” Guess we have to wait until May to find out.

The director also took the time to explain that even though the ‘Avengers’ franchise won’t end with the upcoming sequel, it’ll probably be some time before we see a massive Marvel team-up like this again. Why? Well, Joe Russo thinks that Marvel Studios will want to wait until some certain characters from another studio (Fox) make their debuts.

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“My guess is that there’d be a little bit of time to integrate some of the characters. You know, take their time doing that,” explained the director.

So, no, “Avengers 4” won’t be the end of the franchise, but it very well might be the final film in the series for a little while. But apparently, it might not be the end for Chris Evans. Get ready to start the grieving process fresh in May. Damn you, Joe Russo.